Fully Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger


Deze Volledige automatische Automaat Spoelmachine voldoet aan de AutoTransFlush norm van kwaliteit en gemak in aansluiten en werking! Door te kiezen voor deze Automaat Spoelmachine komt u in het bezit van een technologische vooruitstrevende volledig automatische spoelmachine waarmee u gemakkelijk de transmissievloeistoffen (ATF) van de automatische versnellingsbakken kun doorspoelen en vervangen


AutoTransFlush adopted a high-quality fully automatic transmission fluid exchanger to put the machine into the market as easily as possible.

This Automatic fluid exchanger meets the AutoTransFlush standard of quality and convenience in connection and operation! By choosing this Automatic fluid exchanger you come into possession of a technologically advanced fully automatic rinsing machine with which you can easily flush the transmission fluids (ATF) of the automatic gearboxes and replace / refresh. This happens very quickly and effectively with the special functions that save a lot of time. Reversing the flow direction of the transmission fluid at the touch of a button.

  • No need to pump old oil
  • Direction of rotation wrong? At the touch of a button, this machine will solve it.
  • That is time saving!
  • Quickly see how much oil there is and what needs to be added
  • It is very easy to add loose plasticizers
  • In short, this is the device!

Why Flush?

Many of the switching complaints with an automatic transmission are caused by pollution! Therefore, give your automatic transmission a flush treatment! Switching complaints caused by pollution can easily be remedied; let your machine rinse and save hundreds of euros! Flushing has proven itself in practice! In most cases your machine switches as good as new.

  • Car won’t engage or wont respond when in gear
  • Rocking speed
  • Gears Slipping
  • Poor upshifting
  • Hits in acceleration at kickdown
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Clunking
  • At full load, vibrate at low speed
  • Noodloop bij kickdown.

Even if there are still no complaints for 60,000 to 80,000 KM or every 2-3 years, it makes sense to flush the automatic transmission in order to avoid expensive repairs in the future. After flushing, the automatic transmission switches and re-functions as new in most cases!

Meet the Auto Transmission Fluid Exchanger

This Auto Transmission Fluid Exchanger is designed to be connected to almost every automatic gearbox. If the full automatic flushing machine is connected, you can use it to remove transmission fluids (ATF) from the vehicle’s automatic gearbox, to replace the filter or to thoroughly flush it (including the torque converter!) And to replace it, without dismantling the gearbox pan.

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